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Vampirella Poster
Title: Vampirella
Genres: Action; Fantasy; Horror; Sci-fi
Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Written by: Gary Gerani
Produced by: Forrest J. Ackerman
Mark Patrick Carducci
Roger Corman
Paul Hertzberg
Angela Baynes
Jim Wynorski
Music by: Joel Goldsmith
Cinematography: Andrea V. Rossotto
Edited by: Richard Gentner
Robert L. Goodman
Jud Pratt
Distributed by: Concorde Pictures
CMV Laservision
Warner Home Video
Released: September 28th, 1996
Rating: R
Running time: 82 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $1,000,000

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Talisa Soto Vampirella
Roger Daltrey Vlad/Jamie Blood
Richard Joseph Paul Adam Van Helsing
Brian Bloom Demos
Corinna Harney Sallah
Rusty Meyers Quinn
Lee de Broux Lt. Walsh
Tom Deters Traxx
Jack Zavorak Captain Stryker
Lenny Juliano Carlos
Anne Howard Stepmother
Angus Scrimm High Elder
Tyde Kierney Adam's Father
David B. Katz Forry Ackerman
Robert Clotworthy Professor Steinman
John Landis Astronaut #1 (Beard)
John Terlesky Astronaut #2 (Stubble)
Toru Nagai Mr. Nakamuchi
Jay Kessler Remirez
Jeff Jay Archie
Eric Randell Matheson
Peggy Trentini Vampire Girl #1
Antonia Dorian Vampire Girl #2
Bret Davidson Mr. Maurice
Patrick J. Statham Drakulon Guard
Scott Stevensen Purge Operative
John Oshima Purge Operative
Anthony Hansen Big Vampire
Thomas Case Dark Vampire
Michael Harris Drakulon Elder
Hilary Halbert Red Headed Vampire

Uncredited Cast Edit

Note: The following is taken from the full credits list for this entry on IMDB. As it is a website with user-submitted information, some of the data listed here, including character names may be inaccurate.

Actor Role
Forrest J. Ackerman Club Patron
Gary Gerani Council Vampire
Jeremy Settles Limo Driver
Jay So Alien Soldier
Peter Spellos Robot
Jim Wynorski TV News Anchor

Appearances Edit


  • Adam Van Helsing
  • Archie
  • Captain Stryker
  • Carlos
  • Demos
  • Forry Ackerman
  • Lt. Walsh
  • Matheson
  • Mr. Maurice
  • Mr. Nakamuchi
  • Professor Steinman
  • Quinn
  • Remirez
  • Sallah
  • Traxx
  • Vampirella
  • Vlad/Jamie Blood






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Fun Facts Edit

  • The US DVD release is approximately 86 minutes long, which is 4 minutes longer than any other release.
  • Associate producer Forrest J. Ackerman makes an uncredited cameo in the film as a patron at a club. Forrest is also the creator of many of the characters which appear in the film, including the title character, a character he created alongside Trina Robbins.

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