Stacy Taylor 002
Stacy Taylor
Film: Diary of a Nudist
Notability: Main character
Type: Reporter; Nudist
Gender: Female
First: Diary of a Nudist
Final: Diary of a Nudist
Actor: Davee Decker

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Stacy Taylor is a reporter who became a nudist to write an exposé about a nudist camp, but she ended up loving nudism.

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Stacy Taylor was a newspaper reporter working for Arthur Sherwood, and she was sent to Sunny Palms Lodge to write an exposé. She was initially reluctant to do so, but Arthur kept telling her that she was the best reporter he had for the job. And so, she travelled to the sun camp and became a member.

The following day, the camp director, Zelda R. Suplee, introduced Stacy to many of the nudists who attended the camp, and showed Stacy where the indoor pool was, where many of the other nudists were at that time. Some time later, while at the pool, a woman named Marie introduced Stacy to some of the other nudists.

Every day, Stacy would return to where she was staying at the lodge, and she would write the exposé, however, the longer she spent at the lodge, the more she fell in love with nudism, and she ended up writing a positive report on the lodge. She sent the report to her editor, Arthur, who decided he should write it himself.

When Arthur joined the lodge so that he could write the exposé, Stacy became upset, mostly because Arthur wouldn't use her report as it was a positive one. The two had an arguement which resulted in Stacy storming off and crying.

Later on, Arthur began writing his exposé, but he gave up upon realising his mistakes. Stacy's positive review was thus published in the newspaper, much to her delight.

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