South Carolina
Category: State
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Parris Island; Wheelsy

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Note: The following is a list of characters known to reside in South Carolina. It does not necessarily mean that they were born there.

Character Film/Series
Bill Pardy Slither
Brenda Gutierrez Slither
Charlie Slither
Dwight Slither
Emily Strutemyer Slither
Fitzgibbon Slither
Grant Grant Slither
Jack MacReady Slither
Jenna Strutemyer Slither
Kylie Strutemyer Slither
Margaret Hooper Slither
Shelby Cunningham Slither
Starla Grant Slither
Tourneur Slither
Trevor Carpenter Slither
Wally Whale Slither

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