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Peter Venkman
Peter Venkman
Aliases: Doctor Peter Venkman
Franchise: Ghostbusters
Notability: Main character
Type: Scientist
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Location: New York City, New York
Associations: Ghostbusters
Status: Alive
First: Ghostbusters
Final: Ghostbusters II
Actor: Bill Murray

Peter Venkman is a fictional scientist and ghost chaser and one of the main characters featured in the 1984 comedy film Ghostbusters. He was played by actor Bill Murray, who reprised the role of Venkman for the film's less-than-stellar sequel, Ghostbusters II.


Peter Venkman is a credited scientist with a Ph.D, though you wouldn't know it to talk to him. On the surface, Venkman comes off more like a rock star or a used car salesman, and he is more concerned with scoring a date with a hot girl than he with scientific advancement. This demeanor often irritates Peter's closest colleagues, Doctor Ray Stantz, and Doctor Egon Spengler. Along with another man named Winston Zeddemore, the three scientists formed a hi-tech ghost-hunting agency called the Ghostbusters. Their motto was, "We're ready to believe you". Venkman didn't put a lot of stock into the whole ghost phenomena shtick, but he became a true believer after having to deal with an ancient Sumerian entity named Zuul, and Zuul's enforcer on Earth, Gozer the Gozarian. Despite all of this however, Peter still managed to get a date with one of his more attractive clients, Dana Barrett. It didn't last.


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