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Nude on the Moon
Nude on the Moon Poster
Title: Nude on the Moon
Genres: Fantasy; Sci-fi
Directed by: Anthony Brooks
Written by: Jack Caplan
O.O. Miller
Produced by: Martin Caplan
Doris Wishman
Music by: Daniel Hart
Cinematography: Raymond Phelan
Edited by: Ivan McDowell
Distributed by: J.E.R. Pictures (1961, US theatrical release)
Sleaziest Video (1996, US VHS release)
VCI Home Video (1996, US VHS release)
Something Weird Video (US DVD and VHS release)
Released: 1961
Running time: 83 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Edit

Two men go on an expedition to the moon and find that it's populated by half-nude, telepathic, human-like extraterrestrials. One of the men ends up falling in love with the Moon Queen.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Marietta Cathy/Moon Queen
William Mayer Professor Nichols
Lester Brown Dr. Jeff Huntley
Pat Reilly Moon Nudist
Ira Magee Moon Nudist
Lacey Kelly Moon Nudist
Shelby Livingston Moon Nudist
Robert W. Kyorimee Moon Nudist
Joyce M. Geary Moon Nudist
Charles Allen Moon Nudist
Evelyn Burke Moon Nudist
Joyce Brooks Moon Nudist
Hugh Brooks Moon Nudist
Mary Lassey Moon Nudist
Capt. R. C. Lassey Moon Nudist
Robert B. Lassey Moon Nudist

Uncredited Cast Edit

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Actor Role
Doris Wishman Lady in Parking Lot

Appearances Edit







Taglines Edit

  • A truly different adventure!
  • And the Heavens Brought Forth the Wonder of Woman!
  • A truly different adventure to take you OUT OF THIS WORLD!
  • Man Discovers A NATURE CAMP On The MOON!

Notes Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Also known as "Nudes on the Moon", "Girls on the Moon", "Moon Dolls", "Nature Girls on the Moon" and "Nature on the Moon".
  • This is the first (and possibly only) nudist sci-fi film, and certainly the only one set on the moon.
  • The film credits Anthony Brooks as the director and O.O. Miller as the screenplay writer. Both of these are actually Doris Wishman and Raymond Phelan.
  • In Doris' later life, she befriended Fred Schneider, frontman of the B-52's. Due to their friendship, Fred named the B-52's anthology album Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology.
  • Something Weird Video released a special edition of the film in the year 2000, and a standard version in 2004. They have released the standard version on VHS.
  • Doris' niece, Judy J. Kushner, wrote the music and lyrics to the main song, "Moon Doll", which was performed by Doc Severinsen and Ralph Young. Judy has also written songs for some of Doris' other films, and later would write some of Doris' sexploitation films.
  • Ralph Young, the singer who performed the main song used in the film, has acted in one of Doris Wishman's films, Blaze Starr Goes Nudist. He has also done the main songs for Hideout in the Sun and Blaze Starr Goes Nudist.
  • The photographer Bunny Yeager provided some still photography for the film. She also provided stills for Doris' films Hideout in the Sun and Blaze Starr Goes Nudist, as well as other films like Pagan Island and Dr. No.
  • The two male leads discuss the film Hideout in the Sun, which was Doris Wishman's first film.

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