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Nazis are goose-stepping turds that caused a bunch of problems for everyone some seventy-odd years ago. Maybe you heard about it? Led by a strangely mustached little Austrian named Hitler, these black-suited soldiers took control of Germany in the 1930s with the aim of taking over the entire world.

In film, Nazis have made more appearances that probably any other organized group that has ever existed. Always portrayed in an adversarial light, they are associated with World War II, and as such, appear in most films relating to World War II. They have also appeared in action movies, and have been likewise represented in films dealing with hyper-fantasy settings, which may include elements of the paranormal.

Nobody likes a Nazi. They adhered to this belief that they were the supreme race amongst all others and sought to dominate all those they felt were beneath them - which was everybody. Tragically, the Nazi regime were also responsible for an event called the Holocaust, which involved the enslavement and execution of millions of Jews, who were uprooted from their homes, relocated to concentration camps, and often executed. In addition to traditional war-related films, there are also many movies that deal extensively with the Holocaust and those affected by it.

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