Miranda Hollander
Miranda Hollander
Franchise: Species film series
Notability: Main character
Type: Antagonist
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Died: 2007
First: Species: The Awakening
Actor: Helena Mattsson

Miranda Hollander is a fictional alien/human hybrid and the main antagonist from the 2007 sci-fi/horror film Species: The Awakening. She was played by actress Helena Mattsson. Like Sil, a predatory alien creature, responsible for several deaths back in 1995, Miranda seduces men and then kills them to fulfill a biological imperative.

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  • Miranda Hollander is the eighth member of the unnamed alien Species featured in the Species film series and fifth member of the race who is female. Previous ones include Sil, Eve, Patrick Ross, Sara, Yosef, Amelia, and Azura.
  • Miranda Hollander had the physicality of a 23-year-old woman.
  • Unlike Eve in Species II and Sara in Species III, the protagonist of the previous two films, Miranda Hollander doesn't have blood relationship with Sil.
  • Final fate: Impaled by Azura during final fight.
  • The nature of Miranda' species is similar to that of a Succubus, which is a creature of folklore who prolongs its vitality by seducing and then killing its mate.
  • Also, Miranda's alien form is similar to Sil's.
  • This is actress Helena Mattsson's sixth acting role in a movie. It is her third American film as well as her third theatrically released or direct-to-video film. She previously appeared in three television movies. It is her first work in both the science fiction and horror genres.

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  • Implied full nudity.

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