Julie Potter 001
Julie Potter
Film: Educating Julie
Notability: Main character
Type: Student; Nudist
Gender: Female
Known relatives: Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
First: Educating Julie
Final: Educating Julie
Actor: Gail Ward

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Julie Potter was a sociology student who researched nudism in the 1980's.

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For a homework assignment, Julie Potter was given the task of researching nudity in the 1980's. She started off looking through some gentlemen's magazines, but came across an issue of H&E Naturist, a magazine about nudism. She became intrigued as it was different compared to the other magazines she bought. And so, she decided to visit a nudist club, which she visited with her boyfriend, Steve.

When they arrived at the nudist club, Julie and Steve were met by Tony, who took them into a room to sort out membership. He then took them elsewhere, where he and Julie stripped down. Steve did not want to remove his clothes, but he eventually gave in, though he was too embarrassed, despite no one, young or old, being clothed. Julie later showed that she was disappointed in Steve for the way he acted.

Because of the way Steve acted, Julie continued with her research by herself. One day, she visited her parents and told them of her research, and had to explain why she was doing it, and that nudism wasn't anything like what they had thought it was. Julie's father then drove her to a nudist club and Julie ended up befriending a young woman named Liz.

Julie ended up going on a trip to Cap d'Agde, a naturist resort in France. She spent a few days there before returning to England, where Tony invited her to watch a film about nudism. Steve ended up growing jealous of Tony, which nearly cost him his relationship with Julie. To apologise, Steve bought tickets to the Paradise Lakes Resort in Florida, where he and Julie spent a few days.

When Julie returned, she handed in a video presentation of her research, which included some footage from her holidays in Florida and France.

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