Gloria Phillips
Gloria Phillips
Film: The Nudist Story
Notability: Antagonist
Type: Nudist
Gender: Female
Location: Avonmore Sun Camp
First: The Nudist Story
Final: The Nudist Story
Actor: Jacqueline D'Orsay

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Gloria Phillips is a female nudist who frequently attends Avonmore Sun Camp and was in love with Bob Sutton.

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Gloria Phillips was a woman who held membership at the Avonmore Sun Camp. She was secretly in love with Bob Sutton, who also attended the club, but he was in love with Jane Robinson, the new owner of the sun camp. Gloria attempted to sabotage any chance of Bob and Jane being together, but Carol Sutton found out what she was doing, and confronted her when Gloria was in the showers at the sun camp. The two engaged in a cat-fight and Jane and Bob ended up together.

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