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English refers to the people, customs, culture and language of England and the greater United Kingdom as a whole. As a people, the English date their culture back to the medieval times, where they were descended from people known as the Britons. They distinguished themselves both as a culture and as a future inspiration for many films by building a lot of castles, wearing spiffy armour and getting into endless feuds with neighbouring communities. They've calmed down a tad since then. Stereotypes of people from England would have others think that all they do is sit around all day drinking tea, eating bangers and mash, talking about the Royals and waiting for a football match to come on. Now, while a lot of this may be true of many Englishmen and women, it would be unfair to pigeon-hole them as such. After all, these are the guys who gave the world Doctor Who, James Bond, Clive Barker and The Beatles.

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"English, motherfu**er! Do you speak it!"
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The English language is the first language by the majority populations of several sovereign states, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and a number of Caribbean nation. There are many spelling variations between "proper English" and what is often referred to as "American English". Brits and Canucks like to add the letter "u" to some words that Americans cannot be bothered to use. They prefer simplicity. For example, "favourite" and "neighbour" becomes "favorite" and "neighbor" in U.S. texts. Both forms are considered correct spelling depending upon which region one hails from.

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  • According to 19th century inventor and explorer, Doctor Abner Perry, the British cannot be mesmerized. Who knew? [1]

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