Duke Martin
Duke Martin
Film: Hideout in the Sun
Notability: Antagonist
Type: Thief
Gender: Male
Known relatives: Steve Martin (brother)
Status: Deceased
Died: 1960 [1]
First: Hideout in the Sun
Final: Hideout in the Sun
Actor: Greg Conrad

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Duke Martin was a bank robber who was betrayed by his brother and was chased by the police through the Miami Serpentarium, where a snake bit and killed him.

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Duke Martin was part of a two-man bank robbing team alongside his brother, Steve. The two robbed a bank in Florida and then kidnapped a woman named Dorothy. The woman had explained that she was a member of Hibiscus Country Club, an exclusive club for nudists, and the two men decided that they were to hide there until they could meet Rodriquez, an associate of theirs.

As the club was for members only, they obtained membership, but it was for a married couple. This meant Steve had to pretend to be Dorothy's husband, and Duke hid in the boot of the car. Once onto the grounds of the club, Duke got out of the boot of the car and he stayed inside one of the accommodations, while Steve and Dorothy walked around the club as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Eventually, Steve and Dorothy fell in love and Steve no longer wanted to live a life of crime, so he double crossed Duke. Duke ended up being chased by the police and as he ran through the nearby Serpentarium, he was bitten by a venomous snake, and died.

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  1. Presumed year of death (year of Hideout in the Sun's release).