Dorothy Courtney 002
Dorothy Courtney
Film: Hideout in the Sun
Notability: Main character
Type: Nudist
Gender: Female
Location: Hibiscus Country Club
First: Hideout in the Sun
Final: Hideout in the Sun
Actor: Dolores Carlos

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Dorothy Courtney is a member of Hibiscus Country Club. She was once held hostage, but fell in love with one of the hostage takers.

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Dorothy Courtney was taken hostage by two bank robbers after they robbed a bank. The two criminals had Dorothy drive them to the Hibiscus Country Club, a nudist club they discovered Dorothy was a member of. Their plan was to hide there until they could meet up with Rodriquez.

One of the robbers, Steve Martin, was to walk around the club with Dorothy, and he introduced himself to some of the nudists as Dorothy's husband, and Dorothy played along as she was afraid she would be hurt if she didn't.

Due to the time Dorothy and Steve spent together, they got to know each other. Dorothy found that Steve wasn't actually a bad man, and had just made some mistakes. And thus, the two fell in love. Steve knew what he needed to do, and so he turned on his brother, Duke, and turned himself in. Dorothy said that she would be waiting for his release, as the two were so madly in love.

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