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Blaze Starr Goes Nudist
Blaze Starr Goes Nudist Poster
Title: Blaze Starr Goes Nudist
Genres: Romance
Directed by: Doris Wishman
Written by: Melvin Stanley
Produced by: Doris Wishman
Cinematography: Raymond Pheelan
Edited by: Martin Samuels
Distributed by: Doe-Rae Pictures Inc.
Something Weird Video
Filmfreak Distributie
Released: July 1st, 1962
Running time: 75 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Edit

The famous stripper and burlesque performer, Blaze Starr, has decided to ignore some press functions to spend the weekend at a nudist camp. Naturally, her agent (also her fiancé) gets a little annoyed.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Blaze Starr Blaze Starr/Belle Fleming
Russ Martine Andy Simms
Gene Berk Tony
William Mayer D. W.
Sandra Sinclair Nudist
Stephen Bloom Nudist
Bunny Downe Nudist
James Antonio Nudist
Warrene Gray Nudist
Richard Johnson Nudist
Mary Jo Walls Nudist
Joan Bamford Nudist
Craig Maudslay Jr. Nudist
Dolores K. Norris Nudist
Lee Abell Nudist

Uncredited Cast Edit

Note: The following is taken from the full credits list for this entry on IMDB. As it is a website with user-submitted information, some of the data listed here, including character names may be inaccurate.

Actor Role
Ginger Meadows Nudist
Doris Wishman Meg
Shirley Perratto Nudist
Ingrid Martinsen Nudist

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Taglines Edit

  • A Starlet During the Week ... A Nature-Girl EVERY Weekend!
  • See the FAMOUS FIGURE in nature's own playground!
  • Enter a secret paradise where young starlets retreat to find a DIFFERENT way of life!
  • Blaze Starr, Proud and Beautiful... UNCOVERED by Nature's Intimate Paradise.
  • A Nudist Starr is Born!

Notes Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Also known as "Blaze Starr Goes Wild", "Back to Nature", "Blaze Starr Goes Back to Nature", "Blaze Starr the Original", "Busting Out", "Nature Girl" and "This Little Girl Had Knockers".
  • This is the only film Blaze Starr appeared in as a lead character. The character she plays is actually herself. She has also acted as herself in On the Block, but she appeared as Lily in Blaze (1989), a film which is about her, as based on a book she wrote.
  • The two songs used in the film are "Going Back To Nature" and "The Moon Is The Lamp Of Love" both of which were written by Judy J. Kushner and the latter was performed by Ralph Young, who also starred in the film.
  • Something Weird Video released the film as part of the Nudist Camp Double Feature Special Edition DVD, which also included Nude on the Moon. They also released it as part of the 'Bare Box', which also included Doris Wishman's films Diary of a Nudist, Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73, and the 1959 film, The Naked Venus.
  • Bunny Yeager did some still photography for this film. She has also done photography for Nude on the Moon and Hideout in the Sun. This was also the last Doris Wishman film Bunny worked on.

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