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The Beast That Killed Women
The Beast That Killed Women Poster
Title: The Beast That Killed Women
Genres: Horror
Directed by: Barry Mahon
Written by: Clelle Mahon
Produced by: Bob Gordon
Barry Mahon
Cinematography: Barry Mahon
Edited by: Rick Carrier
Distributed by: Something Weird Video
Released: August 5th, 1965
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 60 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Edit

A woman's body is found on the property of a nudist camp. It is discovered that she was killed by an escaped beast after it attacks a man and chases another woman. The police set a trap for it and they eventually catch the beast.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Judy Adler Girl on Phone
Juliet Anderson Miss Johnson - Undercover Policewoman
Janet Banzet Girl Waiting to Join Camp #2
Darlene Bennett Girl in Bunk Bed #1
Dolores Carlos Nudist Wife
Gigi Darlene Blonde in the Lower Bunk
Allison Louise Downe Woman at Coffee Bar/First Victim
Marlene Eck Blonde in Upper Bunk
Christy Foushee Girl with Two Men at Pool
Byron Mabe Man in Hospital
Barry Mahon Police Detective/The Beast
Joni Roberts Girl by Painting #1
June Roberts Girl Waiting to Join Camp #1
Sandra Sinclair Blonde at Bonfire
Marlene Starr Girl Who Announces Ambulance Has Arrived

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Taglines Edit

  • In Bloody Panic Color!
  • Terror Strikes!
  • Terror stalks the nudists!

Notes Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • The film is also known as "The Beast That Molested Women" and "The Beast That Ruined Women".
  • The film has 0 credited cast at at least 15 uncredited. Reasoning as to why they did not credit anyone is unknown. 13 of the 15 uncredited are female, and only 2 are male.
  • Despite the name of the film, only one woman dies. A further two are attacked, but neither suffer severe injuries, let own death. One man was attacked as well, and he was hospitalized, but again, didn't die.
  • After a woman is killed, her body moves between shots. This is likely due to the actress being uncomfortable or because they took a break.
  • Despite playing a nudist, Dolores Carlos appears fully clothed throughout most of the film.
  • This is the third film role for Janet Banzet. Her first role was in Breakfast at Tiffany's. One of her last roles was the softcore adult film Italian Stallion, which is known for being the first film Sylvester Stallone appeared in.

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