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Annabelle Higgins
Aliases: Janice [1]
Franchise: Conjuring film series
Notability: Antagonist
Gender: Female
Location: Santa Monica, California [2]
Known relatives: Pete Higgins [3]
Sharon Higgins [4]
Status: Deceased
Died: 1970
First: Annabelle
Actor: Tree O'Toole
Keira Daniels
Talitha Bateman

Annabelle Higgins is a fictional cultist and murderer and a key figure in the Conjuring film series. She first appeared in the 2014 feature film Annabelle where she was played by stunt woman Tree O'Toole. Actress Keira Daniels played young Annabelle in the film. The character's history was expanded upon in greater detail in the prequel film Annabelle: Creation, where it was revealed that her first name is actually Janice. She was played by Talitha Bateman in this movie.


Janice was a young girl born sometime in the early 1940s. By 1955, she was an orphan and struggling with Polio. Janice, her best friend Linda, and four other girls were brought to the Mullins estate to live in lieu of staying at an orphanage.

While there, Janice entered a forbidden room that once belonged to the Mullins' deceased daughter, Annabelle "Bee" Mullins. She found a key in a dollhouse that unlocked a closet door in the room. Inside the room was a doll that Samuel Mullins had made for his daughter. The daughter was the vessel for a malevolent entity that, now free from its warded confines, began terrorizing Janice. After several harrowing instances, it finally took full possession of her.

After the Mullins house affair, Janice was sent to another orphanage. She was eventually adopted by Pete and Sharon Higgins of Santa Monica, California. She told them that her name was "Annabelle", and she took their last name. In 1970, the demon had Annabelle join a Satanic murder cult. Along with an unidentified boyfriend, she broke into her own home and murdered her parents in their sleep. Annabelle and the boyfriend then attacked neighbors John and Mia. John managed to shoot the boyfriend and Annabelle took her own life by slitting her throat. A mysterious symbol was painted on the wall behind her in her blood.


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  1. Janice is her birth name; surname unknown. Annabelle Higgins is her adoptive name.
  2. Lived there since she was a child, but is not her place of birth.
  3. Adoptive father, deceased.
  4. Adoptive mother, deceased.