The Amazons are a group of female warriors who live on the island of Themyscira. They were created by the god Zeus and are meant to protect humanity from Ares, the god of war. They are lead by Queen Hippolyta. In the DCEU, they appear prominently in 2017's Wonder Woman and Justice League. Other versions have appeared in several animated DC films including Wonder Woman (2009) and Justice League: The New Frontier.

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In the DCEU, known members include Queen Hippolyta, Diana, General Antiope, Menalippe, Artemis, Philippus, Senator Timandra, Senator Acantha, Epione, Mnemosyne, Venelia, Aella, Euboea, Penthiselea, Egeria, Trigona and Niobe.

In the 2009 animated film Wonder Woman, members include Hippolyta, Diana, Alexa, Artemis and Persephone.

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